Elevator Inspection and Testing Service Provider

Have you ever been in a situation where you have more questions than answers with the elevator industry?

We are a locally owned elevator inspection and testing witness service provider in Southeast Pennsylvania.  With decades of experience in the elevator industry, from manufacturing to installation and maintenance to inspections, we strive to provide quality work with an emphasis on safety, integrity, and transparency.

After many years working with elevators, escalators, and lifts, we saw the need for honest and open inspectors who are willing to take their time to properly inspect and test complex equipment up to code as enforced by the State.

At NextGen Elevator Inspection and Testing, all your required needs and services are provided by a NAESA QEI licensed inspector, whose primary focus is safety and quality.

We promise a quick turn-around to update your certificates and to help clarify the nuances or complications arising from industry standardization, permitting, and code compliance.

Contact us with all your inquiries.  We are here to help cater the safety minded community.


Your NextGen Elevator Inspection and Testing Team